Community Supported Grocery


This program aims to offer our friends and neighbors a direct line to the local produce (and other staples) we utilize at the cafe. It allows us the opportunity to order more frequently and in larger quantity from the farms and farmers we love, which in turn, helps support a small, but more sustainable agricultural system.

We currently offer weekly pick up of groceries on Saturdays and Sundays with no obligation to sign up from week to week.

Choose from a small, medium or large share; all shares include a rotating variety of vegetables and allium, larger shares include pastured eggs, legumes and grains.

The produce is sourced as sustainably, and locally as is logical (asparagus and allium in May are local/avocados are not); most farms we work with utilize organic or bio-dynamic practices, some are not yet certified.

You're welcome to special order meat or seafood, make additions to your share from our grocery and order alternate breads from Bien Cuit or Sullivan Street Bakery.

This is ever a work in progress, we encourage questions, requests, active participation and feedback!

Let us know what you'd like to see and we'll do our best to make it happen.



Feeds one person / no bells and whistles. 

  • Includes vegetables (3 types)

  • Allium (onion/garlic/shallot)

  • Avocado (1)

  • Mushrooms (some)

  • Salad greens (1 variety)

  • 1/2 loaf of bread

  • Herbs (1)

  • Grain/legume (1)



Feeds one person with a few bells and whistles - or two people who eat on the lighter side. 

  • Includes vegetables (4 types)

  • Allium (onion/garlic/shallot - 2+)

  • Avocado (1)

  • Mushrooms (some)

  • Salad greens (2 varieties)

  • 1 loaf of bread

  • Herbs (2)

  • Grain/legume (2)

  • Half dozen eggs

  • 1/4 lb butter

  • Fruit (1)



Feeds two people comfortably, or a small gathering for a very fancy evening! it has most of the bells and whistles but there's always room for more.

  • Includes vegetables (4 types in larger quantity)

  • Allium (onion/garlic/shallot - 3)

  • Avocado (1)

  • Mushrooms (more)

  • Salad greens (2 varieties in larger quantity)

  • 1 loaf of bread

  • Herbs (2)

  • Grain/legume (2 in larger quantity)

  • 1 dozen eggs

  • 1/2 lb butter

  • Fruit (2)