In our Crown Heights kitchen we are passionate to offer fresh, healthy fare for our take-away café, pantry market (coming July 2017) and our full-service catering company.  

Our takeaway window mirrors our company’s commitment to serving ecologically and agriculturally sustainable foods in a community we love. We offer a wide variety of food within a small, seasonally inspired menu, including unique pastries, sandwiches, soups, salads, and whatever else we fancy! 

We’re incredibly pleased to serve Bellocq teas and La Colombe coffee. 

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The focus of  toward an ecologically and agriculturally sustainable, active life-style, and a sincere believer in sustainable farming, which is consistently reflected in all of the work that she does.

Familiar with, and always willing and able to accommodate a wide variety of dietary restraints or restrictions, works with several vegetarians, pescetarians, vegans and even the rare omnivore, she generally encourages her clientele to

eat whole rather than processed foods sourced both seasonally and locally to support and maintain a well-balanced, well-rounded diet.

ELEVEN36 sources meat, fish and poultry from local vendors we know and trust, buying organic, grass fed, free-roaming, cage-free, and prepares meals as locally, organically and seasonally as possible.

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Nahvae Teal Frost

With over a decade of experience, Nahvae strives to introduce people to incorporating seasonal vegetable-forward meals into their daily routine and strives to introduce people to new ideas about what 'healthy' food means, how it can taste, and how we feel when our bodies are finely tuned.

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