Nahvae Teal Frost

With over a decade of experience, Nahvae strives to introduce people to incorporating seasonal vegetable-forward meals into their daily routine and strives to introduce people to new ideas about what 'healthy' food means, how it can taste, and how we feel when our bodies are finely tuned.

Her hope is that by making these practices more accessible it will foster a better understanding of why they are important and nurture a healthier approach towards cooking, eating and overall well-being by recognizing food as a simple and necessary medium through which we can profoundly effect change in ourselves and greatly impact the world around us. 

She believes in moderation; that having a satisfied belly tends to keep us from going to extremes.  She is personally inclined toward an ecologically and agriculturally sustainable, active life-style, and a sincere believer in sustainable farming, which is consistently reflected in all of the work that she does.


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