Rental Collection


A few years ago, we began to gather a collection of table-settings for our supper club. It was imperative that they were sturdy for transport, vaguely uniform and that we had plenty of everything. We found dozens of plates and bowls, an endless number of glasses and silverware, and as the supper club grew, we simply bought more. We bought both vintage and new; and found we were able to easily put them to use for our private events as well. We began to loan things out a little at a time, and slowly, the need for a more expansive line began to grow. We started to acquire finer china and flatware, making trips to Brimfield for the perfect vase, stalking online auctions for mid-century flatware, finding potters and ceramicists both local and abroad; and our rental line was born. 

The dishes and flatware are easily mixed and matched for an eclectic feel, though we have sets available for smaller events. What we’ve found, is that there are as many ways to lay a table as there are occasions - some dictate a simple and classic table-setting, while others are more well-suited to one more vibrant and wild. These rentals are particularly lovely for intimate dinners or smaller wedding parties because they don’t feel much like rentals; they feel personal, unique and exceptional. 

We’re so looking forward to sharing everything we’ve found – and will gladly consult with anyone hoping to put together a unique set of their own. 

An overview of our rental collection is available below. Please contact us with any inquiries.