Photo by Cadence Kennedy



Eleven36 is the Brooklyn-based headquarters for our full-service catering company and take-away café. We are a small team with a few key players though our friends and collaborators are many, diverse and wildly, wildly talented.

The philosophy behind what we do is relatively simple.

We strive to introduce people to how it feels to eat vegetable-forward food aligned with the season, how different locally sourced food can taste, and how we feel when our bodies are finely tuned.

We encourage our clientele to eat whole rather than processed foods, sourcing meat, fish and poultry from local vendors we knows and trust, buying organic, grass-fed, free-roaming and cage-free to support and maintain a well-balanced, well-rounded diet.

Our hope is that by making these practices more accessible it will foster a better understanding of why they are important, and will nurture a healthier approach towards cooking, eating and overall well-being by recognizing food as a simple and necessary medium through which we can profoundly effect change in ourselves and greatly impact the world around us.